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The internet is abuzz with talk of the 25 Dollar 1UP affiliate program. It’s basically a platform that allows investors and marketers to find other marketers looking to make money, brand themselves, and refer others to their affiliate program. It has helped a lot of average people to get involved with investing and make a little extra money on the side to pay for bills, holidays, and make other important purchases.

What is 25 Dollar 1UP?

25 Dollar 1UP is a great little system for making some extra income. The website was made by Ti Holloway who made it after having problems with another service he provided. The new system is an updated version of the old one with a lot more earning potential and a bigger userbase, offering everyone the chance to make more money.

What do you Get With 25 Dollar 1UP?

The system is offered on a range of tiers. By purchasing one of those plans you can start using the platform to make commissions and earn money. There are four tiers in all. Each level has tools and videos to help you create your own website and generate money.

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. The Gold Level The Gold Level is the basic level. The fee ($25) is a one-time fee so don’t worry about being billed monthly or annually. For this cost you will receive;

$25 personal and pass up commissions

Personal development audio

Residual income from MyEcon

4 capture pages complete with capture forms

Pre-written ads – Access to Facebook support groups

A marketing system to track leads and visitors that come to your website

. The Platinum Level The second tier offers you everything in the Gold Level and a little more, including;

  • $100 and $25 personal and pass up commissions – Ability to email personal leads directly
  • Over 60 training and personal development videos
  • Done-for-you postcard service
  • Postcard template mailers
  • Access to a mailing list
  • Ability to add 3-party autoresponders such as Aweber
  • Access to a personal branding page
  • Ability to add up to 12 banner ads to market other business Outside of these two packages, there are the Diamond and Enterprise packages.

These are far more expensive than the basic two tiers and are for serious investors. It’s unlikely that you’ll be investing in those options. Obviously though, the better the package you choose the more profit potential you have. You can always start out on a small tier and upgrade as you make more and more money with the system.

  • 25 Dollar 1UP works on a commission system similar to affiliate programs. After paying the one time fee and purchasing a package, you’re ready to get started.
  • The more people you refer to the service the more money you can earn, making up to $875 from each individual person, based on which tier you have joined.


25 Dollar 1UP is a great system for making commissions. With a basic investment you get access to training videos and all the resources you need to put together your own website for generating leads and commissions.

Each commission earns you some money, which you can use on whatever you want – from holidays, to clothes, to even the next tier on 25 Dollar 1UP. Start earning today —> CLICK HERE


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