$300,000 App Could Turn Into Billions

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Omi in a hellcat breaks down how Social Media is taking away our freedom of speech, as of late with music hip hop stars such as Boosie and Da Baby being ridiculed for their comments on the homosexuality community that’s taking over the hip hop music scene. Not too long ago Boosie has had his Instagram account taken away from him for his outspoken views on Lil Nas X. In this new interview by Say Cheese featuring Omi in a hellcat, Omi says that we need our own platform where we can display our own views without worrying about being banned. With so many tech advancements and opportunities to create your own. Why do so many opt in to building up these other companies just so they can take your data and boot you to the left? Maybe people don’t want to build from scratch or don’t have the capital to get started. Omi has done well in the tech field even though it has caught him some misfortune and now has federal cases against him. Omi is still pushing his boss mentality to be an owner and not just a consumer.


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