Something Out Of Nothing

Game App (iOS, Android ,Windows, Mac)

Propel Your Way To The Top Building Something Out Of Nothing!

Game Info

Welcome to Something Out Of Nothing, the ultimate crime simulator! In this game you are trying to become the best in the music industry. But building something out of nothing can be very hard. And unfortunately you are also trying to deal with gangs that are actively trying to stop you from reaching the top and becoming the best. In Something Out Of Nothing you will recruit a team that will help you claim your fame and stick to the best in the business. The game delivers outstanding gameplay, you have immediate access to dozens of car types, and maps a dedicated wave system and many others. Being able to shoot the enemies and stay on top can be very tough. With Something Out Of Nothing you finally get to have that in no time. And since every city is randomly generated, you have unlimited gameplay ideas and mechanics that you do not want to miss. That alone makes the experience among some of the best out there. You can also play through multiple levels and choose what level you enjoy the most. That makes the gameplay a lot more iconic, unique and rewarding. Check out this intense action/ Adventure game and test your skills as you try to fulfill your goals and eliminating the enemies that stop you from reaching the top!


  • Randomly Generated Cities
  • Drive Multiple Car Types
  • You Can Use Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, Pistols, Bow Arrow
  • Wave System That Brings New Enemies
  • Realistic City Traffic
  • Character Select And Much More

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