Goodz VS Cassidy

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On 4.27.2019 the ultimate battle rap was held between Cassidy and Goodz. People said that this was a battle between industry vs. culture, but is that true? Even though they are an example of two different worlds collide, the question here is, who really was a winner?

Barry Adrian Reese, better known by his stage name Cassidy, in the late 1990s, started competing as a battle rapper. Shortly after, he switches to traditional hip hop and because of that, he becomes recognizable face in the industry. From the other side, we have Goodz, an American battle rapper from Bronx, New York.

Sometimes it does’t matter

how much you've achieved in life, because sometimes you can reach too little, and it's worth too much. Victory means that, when the show is over, the audience will talk and speak their impressions about for a very long time. This also applies for the Cassidy and Goodz. Who won the crowd? For whom they cheered? Whom they repeated, although everyone was saying that the audience was biased? If you are a fan of “Old School” battle style, the winner definitely without debate is Cassidy. But, if you are more “New Style” type, Goodz is your champion.

The reason for that is, for the first one, you dont need previous preparing on what you will say. You just go for it. The new style is more than that. You need a plan. You need to do more, perform, jump around the stage and make the audience have fun.

Someone will say that Cassidy won the first round and he was way better than the Goodz`s all three rounds and someone will argue the opposite. That is why the opinions are divided and we have two winners for everyone.

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