It’s Two Sides To Every Story

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    It’s two sides to every story…

    Dehaven a former friend of the Billionaire rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z has been speaking out about the relationship and bond that he and his former friend has had for years. We all know friendships don’t last but Dehaven and Jay-Z has long drawn personal issues in the past that seems to has been brought back to the forefront. With the release of Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy, featuring a track with Jay-Z titled ‘’Love AllJay-Z speaks on a close friend still hanging with an enemy of his that wanted to kill him. The speculation has been that he’s referring to his late friend Dehaven. A new interview has been released with Dehaven speaking on that so called situation and also promoting his late documentary ‘’Marcy Made” detailing the events that wspurred their demise. He also speaks about how he was the first one that invested in Jay-Z’s label Rocafella Records. Dehaven mentioned that shortly after starting the label that’s when the disconnection happened with Jay-Z, Who knows what truly happened hopefully in the future this can mended and these two men can move forward in a more positive direction leaving the past in the past.

    Dehaven speaks on hit on Jay Z, snitch accusations and bankrolling Roc-A-Fella


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