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One of the most internationally trending artist in the world at the moment on virtually all social media platforms is no new name but Beyoncé. She has simply taken the world by storm yet again and has become the song on every lip after her heroic inclusion in the movie, ‘Lion King’, which is also currently trending as much. To stay on top of the issue, the American singer has recently released an accompanying album with the Disney movie, the title, ‘The Gift’.

A lot of people, especially critics have since had their say on Beyoncé and her album. Most are of the opinion that she took an approach that is perhaps more inspired than a simple retread of familiar songs. She has also personally discussed the 27-track release on Good Morning America, explaining why she featured some of the Africa’s greatest talents. She claimed the soundtrack is a love letter to Africa, and her desires to find more talents therein. She described the album as a personal project inspired by the movie, ‘Lion King’. Several other things have been discussed, and so we have decided to intimate you with a review to reveal a few facts you are perhaps missing about Beyoncé, Lion King and her recent album, ‘The Gift Old yet classical It may be a surprise to the ones without a glimpse of its historic idea that the classic animated movie, the Lion King was first introduced in 1994. 25 years old you ask? Certainly! But surely that’s not still the thrill. The thrill is that the Lion King is only the third of four live-action remakes of Disney classics in 2019. A master class that!

A symbol of originality: Just check it out for an assurance. Lion King is the first Disney animated movie and the only one at the moment to feature a completely original story.

The Gift is only a remake: The real fans of Beyoncé would definitely have an idea that the American singer release an accompanying album to the film Lion King and titled it ‘The Gift’, but it is only a remake of her songs from back in the days. The album was released on July 19, 2019.

Character Nala who?: A bit of a spoiler here but I have got to say this. Beyoncé featured in the movie as character Nala, a sibling of Simba.

The Gift is an African/Nigerian stars studded release: Not just Britain and America, Africa, particularly Nigeria has got talents. This is why Beyoncé took to the nation to get the topmost Afrobeats talents in Nigeria to feature on her live-action Lion King remake. These stars include; Wizkid. Mr. Eazi, Yemi Alade, Tiwa Salvage, Burna boy and Tekno. Not just these, actors and artists from countries as Cameroun, South-Africa and Ghana are included. Nigerians have think their artists have a chance on Grammy award on the movie’s account.

Critics have condemned Beyoncé for Tribalism on featured artists: I personally feel this is nothing to be taken seriously since Beyoncé is not an African to know how many tribes are in Nigeria to make her selection across that. I also feel such criticism is myopic since it is her personal work and not some community service to pick who she wants on her songs. However, a lady using the Twitter handle @sugabelly has taken to the international social media platform to air her displeasure, condemning Beyoncé for the all-Yoruba cast on the album. She asked rhetorically, where were Igbo singers as Phyno and Nneka?

Long years of Movie planning: A documentary has revealed that Lion King has been in the planning phase for at least 27 year ago. It was stressed that in November 1991, some of the movie animators journeyed to Kenya at the Hell’s Gate National Park for inspiration and research for the movie. A long route to success you say? It’s sure one!

Farting Character: Plumbaa being a character on Lion King is the first ever Disney character to fart on screens. Funny record this is.

Hakauna Matata was a fortunate part of the movie:

In another twist of research, it has been revealed that the famous ‘Hakuna Matata’ only became part of the script after the film researchers’ trip to Kenya

Live animal in the studio: It is obvious that the success of the movie means something to the planners. In the buildup session, it was recorded that a wildlife expert, Jim Fowler brought real animals to the studio for movie animators to study them carefully, especially their movements

$968.5 Landmark: I bet you’re unsure what this is all about. Relax! It is only to show that the movie is the highest grossing hand animated feature of all time, garnering $968.5 box office in total.


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