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The world of fashion was taken by the iconic brand Milano Di Rouge on the 11th of November, 2012 following a vision created by a young Milano Rouge. Now 30 years of age, this Philadelphia based fashion designer has since catered to the needs of fashion enthusiasts all over the world by creating a brand that effortlessly blends in simple, street and class in her outfits.

Milano Di Rouge” is a gender neutral brand, mostly known for their famous 5 cities sweatshirts that is slowly becoming more and more popular as many celebrities have been spotted rocking the brand. With celebrities like Blac Chyna, Keyshia Cole, Meek Mill, Angela Simmons, and Dionne Walters of Oklahoma City Thunder promoting the brand, you can most likely be certain they are made of high quality fabrics and worth every cent.

In the past, there have been a recent controversy concerning the cost of her clothing line claiming the charges are relatively expensive. The worth and authenticity of her outfits have also been questioned when, similar designs of button up shirts were released by H&M recently, causing a lot of backlash from the public. Comments found in the fashionista’s official instagram page @iammilanrouge, expressed how disappointed her followers were.

Milano” replied expressing her love for fashion, and how all she wanted was to create a brand she could relate to. She further explained how her mission is all about motivating, educating and empowering the general public while looking fly.

She has definitely been true to her word, as she was actively involved and also donated to a HIV awareness organization called “I AM U”. All proceedings were gotten from her annual “Milano Di Rouge” influencer basketball game, a game held every year to promote her brand while bringing together key influencers in Philadelphia for the sole purpose of having fun and donating to the organization.

“Meek Mill” Spotted in Milano

This campaign focused on spreading information about HIV and the benefits of practicing safe sex. Milan Rouge also puts together meetups for individuals who have a passion and vision they intend to turn into a career. These meetups create a space free of judgement and ridicule, where future artists are free to express themselves and offer support to each other.

Milano Rouge doesn’t just believe in creating iconic pieces, but also in giving back and connecting aspiring fashion designers as well. Another event that expresses this belief clearly is, the “Milano Girlboss Sleepover”. A sleepover organized for the sole purpose of connecting and empowering female business owners and aspiring business owners, this way they learn different tips, skills and experiences they all can implement into their businesses.

This event is not just fun and educative, but also beats down the stereotype that believes female entrepreneurs, singers, rappers and actresses are constantly in a competition against one another.

Milano Rouge is a genius fashion designer who has not just taken the fashion world by a storm, but has also shown the world how far hardwork and dedication can take you.

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