My Father’s Day “spiritual encounter” (PART 1)

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Writer: Vicki Wheeler

Today was a day that wasn’t planned, like many of my days lately. My husband woke up in a fairly good mood today because it was Father’s Day. He wanted it to he be a peaceful day, He asked me if I minded going to the near by Wal-Mart with him to grab a few things he wanted to cook on the grill. It was going to be a hot one today, so we wanted to go early and cook early. I didn’t know he also invited a few people as well, nothing too big.

We recently moved to Georgia, and this would be our first Father’s Day without our family. We normally enjoy every event with them, so to have company over was a refresher for us, especially since we have been in our new state, the first 8 weeks was were very heavy and emotionally draining.

I decided to first send my Dad a Father’s Day tribute on Facebook because I was feeling extra sensitive, and I wanted to reach out to him in a way that, if he could hear and see me, he would relate to the post. That was something special for me to do, and I didn’t know why at the time it was important for me to do that before I left for the store.

Late that afternoon, after all the food was prepared and ready and everyone was here, my husband and I had a chance to slide off to ourselves for personal conversation about how his day was going and just thank God, not just for the day but for also bringing us this far. We started on a conversation about forgiveness and I don’t know how, we were talking about something totally different, when out of nowhere, I told him that I do forgive his sister for not being there and being part of our wedding and representing Her brother.

That was major for me because it’s been 12 years of linternal feelings about this subject. But we have moved on… After our talk, iI was feeling nauseous and hungry at the same time, so I said we better start making plates, and I proceeded to head to the bathroom to wash my hands.

And that’s when it happened….

My Spiritual Encounter

As I am finishing with my hands, I noticed my Father in law’s face out the corner of my right peripheral. At first glance, iI shook it off and was going to leave, but that’s when his voice said I want to thank YOU. I stopped dead in my tracks because it was clear as day, but in my head, the voice was in my head talking, so I answered back and asked, thank me for what? He answers, for forgiving my daughter!

So now I am standing in the bathroom, stuck for a second. I want to leave but there’s a room full of people out there, and now I am starting to feel emotional out of nowhere. I was just happy a second ago, I was thinking.

Why am I feeling so heavy now?

I’m trying to shake it off and splash water on now my watery eyes that are filling up quickly. It was at that moment another voice came, and this time it’s my fathersfather’s voice, so now forget the watery eyes because the tears are flowing heavily. now hHearing my dad speak just made my heart sink. My dad said that he was proud of me and that he brought my father in law’s spirit through because he wanted to connect with me.

My Dad always reaches me in my dreams, hardly when iI am awake, because he feels that I will receive him better asleep. And I was surprised that both men came to me on Father’s Day. My dad’s message was for me to keep moving and to go back and read my book because I had so much that I was leaving out, and that is the reason I am stuck. My dad told me that I am not alone and because I am very spiritual, I will be visited now. My dad also said that I wasn’t ready before and now I am ready to receive. And then he said that I called him and that’s why he is here on Father’s day to let me know that I am gifted and that he hears me all the time.

Then his voice faded, back and my Father in law started to speak. By this time, I am an emotional wreck, still in the bathroom, worried if someone is checking how long I’ve been away from them but also cannot leave the bathroom in the condition I was currently in.

My Father in law was so excited that he came through and reached my spirit that he was talking up a storm. His message was longer than my father’s message. He wanted me to deliver messages to his son, daughter, and wife. Especially his daughter…

He wanted me to tell his daughter that he visits her often, and he is the one who messes with the t.v. and lights, and if she would listen more, she would be able to feel him and sense when he is around.

His message for his wife was that he wipes her tears every time she cries. And he wants her to get some rest and take care of her health because she still has work to do.

I am, at this point, stuck and starring in the mirror, trying to make sense of what was happening, and my father then spoke and said to me, “You are special and you have to help them, You know why you are where you are right NOW.”

At this point, I am feeling really emotional and sick and didn’t want the spirit to stop, but I’ve been in the bathroom for about 20 minutes or so. I quickly tried to get myself together and get back to dinner.


Thank You for reading, if you have had any spiritual encounters please share in the comments below, I would love to hear more about it.



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