Reed Dollaz & Murda Mook: Battle Heats Up

Who would win between Murda Mook & Reed Dollaz

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Who do you have as the winner of this battle?

These two battle rap legends and music vets gears up to go toe to toe on Caffeine tv, URL things get heated and brings other Philly artist into the mix such as Joey Jihad, Nh, Eddie Morris, Cyssero, and more with commentary words about who’s gonna bring the torch back to their home town. Which led to Tsu Surf going with Joey Jihad on Philly’s First 48 platform and having an debate about who would win between Reed Dollaz and Murda Mook and also who would win between them two Joey Jihad vs TSU Surf. Both Reed & Mook confident that they’ll win which are leaving fans with even more anticipation to see this battle go down. No matter who takes the victory home it would still be a great battle to see. Reed and Mook were having a debate years ago about who would win if they were to ever battle this debate has been going on for years now. Reed Dollaz, mentioned before that he wanted to battle Murda Mook but he was signed to a record label and didn’t want to mess that deal up, Murda Mook replied that it didn’t matter and wanted to battle any way. As people would say nothing beats perfect timing and it’s better late than never.

Below is an video of Murda Mook & Reed Dollaz Face Off


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