The Devil In The Throne Room

Top Must Hear Artist

Manu Francois is a really talented artist who has just unleashed a new powerful release, a single titled “The Devil In The Throne Room”. One of the most amazing things about this song is definitely the way that it seamlessly blurs the divide between various genres and style.

Manu Francois is able to go through exciting lyrics and fantastic wordplay with cat-like reflexes, going for a very fast-paced, direct and dynamic flow. This artist certainly knows how to keep the engagement levels really high, enticing the audience with every beat. If you enjoy artists such as Kanye West or Mac Miller, you are definitely going to love this release.

“A groundbreaking twist on modern hip-hop”

In addition to the amazing songwriting and performance value offered by Manu, one of the things about The Devil In The Throne Room which truly stand out is really the amazing production value, and the mix is balanced and punchy.

The songs tone and feel is quite modern, but also refreshingly dynamic, creating a really good balance between the warmth of the old guard and the crisp approach of the modern age. Find out more about Manu Francois, and do not miss out on The Devil In The Throne Room and other fantastic releases from this talented performance, because this one is definitely not a sleeper!


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